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This kit consists of a CBK-NA1E modem attachment for 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi communication and a CBK-NA1R USB-RJ45 adapter. This kit is used attached with a Sony camcorder PXW-X180, etc., compatible with the wireless LAN network and wireless adapter CBK-WA100/WA101. Network Module Extension Adapter: CBK-NA1E Use this unit for cases when you attach a 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi dongle to a camcorder, etc.: - For cases if you cannot attach the modem since it interferes with the camcorder, or if you want to improve the signal sensitivity of the reception. Connect the convex terminal to a USB terminal* of a camcorder, etc. and connect a modem to the dented terminal. You can fix the unit using the camcorder's handle or the accessory shoe's screw hole (1/4 inch). USB to RJ45 Adapter: CBK-NA1R. This is an adapter for converting the USB terminal* to the RJ45 terminal of camcorders or wireless adapters. Use this unit when connecting to a network using a LAN cable. With the supplied belt, fix the network cable which is connected to the USB-RJ45 adapter CBK-NA1R to the camcorder. (Note: * The terminal name differs depending on the attaching device (USB wireless LAN module terminal or connecting terminal for external devices. ** To use with PXW-X70, optional USB adapter VMC-UAM2 is required.)


  • Network Module Extension Adapter: CBK-NA1E (1)
  • USB to RJ45 Adapter: CBK-NA1R (1)

Supplied Accessories

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Network Module Extension Adapter: CBK-NA1E (1)
USB to RJ45 Adapter: CBK-NA1R (1)

Product Manual

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CBK-NA1 Operating Instructions pdf / 146K Download now