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The ECM-MS2 is an MS stereo electret condenser microphone designed for mounting on professional camcorders equipped with two XLR inputs and phantom powering. The ECM-MS2 delivers excellent sound performance in field and studio production applications at an affordable price. The MS microphone signal of the ECM-MS2 is internally decoded and it provides L and R (stereo) outputs. The MS2 stereo microphone also supports mono operation by simply unpluging the right channel (disabling phantom power from the right channel XLR connector).


  • Mono/Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone, Phantom Powered
Features Benefits:
Excellent Sound Quality The ECM-MS2 uses the Mid-Side (MS) technique that offers natural stereo sound and it includes a built-iin MS decoder with conventional L and R stereo (3-pin XLR x 2 ) outputs
Stereo and Monaural Use The ECM-MS2 can operate in either stereo or monaural mode. Stereo mode is ideal for capturing environmental sound, while monaural mode is more suitalble for capturing voice
Includes Furry Windscreen Great for outside use to reduce wind noise
Compact and Lightweight Design The ECM-MS2 has been designed to be a compact stereo mic for camera mounted use. It measures only 5 1/2" in length and weighs 5.6 oz. maintaining good balance and mobility

General Specifications Detail:
Capsule Type Stereo MS Electret Condenser
Frequency Response Stereo: 80 Hz to 20 kHz Monaural: 70 Hz to 20 kHz
Directivity Uni-Directional
Sensitivity Stereo: -32 dB
Monaural: -36 dB
Dynamic Range 100dB or more
S/N Ratio Stereo: 69 dB or more
Monaural: 69 dB or more
(IEC179 A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1Pa)
Inherent Noise (0dB=20µPa) Stereo: 25 dB SPL or less, Monaural 25 dB SPL or less
Induction Noise from External Magnetic Field -
Wind Noise -
Max SPL (dB SPL)(0dB=20µP) 125 dB SPL
Connector XLR 3-pin (x2)
Cable Length XLR-3-pin (x2) with attached cable
15 inches (Connects with Sony camcorder equipped with two 3-pin XLR mic inputs)
Power Requirements DC 40 to 52 V
Dimensions ø15/16 x 5.4 inches (ø24mm x 137mm)
Weight 5.6 oz (160 grams)

Supplied Accessories

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Furry Windscreen
Cable Tie

Product Brochure

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