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What is CMS?

Sony's Content Management System (CMS) is a simple and comprehensive way to manage your digital content. This centralized medical assets management system allows you to archive video, still images, and documents effectively with easy, secure access to them throughout a hospital's network. This becomes a central repository that's more efficient and secure than removable media. Thanks to associated patient information, the content is easily searchable via PC, Mac®, or iPad.

A smaller footprint.

Sony CMS can be implemented without intense bandwidth requirements or IT system overhauls. With a dedicated professional server pre-loaded with software, CMS can handle large digital assets like surgical video or stills that would typically tax most hospital networks' bandwidth and technical capabilities. Using a smaller footprint proxy file of the surgical footage for viewing and editing keeps the image quality intact without overloading the hospital network. It is also fully scalable and can be expanded as the facility's storage needs grow.

Secure, scalable network storage.

Manually searching through hundreds of files on storage shelves for video footage is no longer necessary, saving space and effort. Your content is organized in a central database for quick access.


Store your content directly from the O.R. Using a standards-based system with universal compatibility, Sony's CMS can deliver a centralized imaging database even if connecting multiple O.R.s with varying camera system equipment. CMS offers immediate access to surgical images and gives off-site access to the network archive from the convenience of a laptop or PC.

Besides storing video content shot in multiple O.R.s for repurposing and reuse, CMS also provides a near real-time monitoring function for sharing the live camera in the O.R. Authorized personnel can view activities in the O.R. from secure remote locations within the hospital's network.


Sony's CMS organizes all your content in a central database, enabling faster access to the file you need. Search by physician, procedure, date, or patient. Then edit content with Sony Movie Studio Platinum Editing Software® (not included). Secured users can browse and download content by simply using standard web browsers. And frame-by-frame location is possible, moving back and forth within the video.


Not only can you review content anywhere, any time, but you can share it with teaching hospitals, colleagues, and seminars across the world. Unlike removable media, CMS lets you share recorded content with whomever you choose; user access is securely controlled. By integrating powerful HD images into every phase of your workflow, from the O.R. to the auditorium, you can better educate your patients and students, have accurate visual reference material for training, and make more compelling and professional presentations.

Fully scalable, ready right out of the box, and affordably priced, Sony's CMS is the archive, management, and delivery system with simple yet comprehensive control.

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