The CBKDCB01 enables control of zoom lens for F3 and PMW-300K1/320/350 lenses remotely when used with Fujinon & Canon zoom/ focus/ aperture demand controllers. I

$1,575.00 U.S. List Price


Weights & Measures:
11oz (320g), 1 1/8-inch (27.7mm) x 2 7/8-inch (70mm) x 4 3/4-inch (120mm)

Interface box for controlling attached Servo Lens (zoom, focus & iris) with Fuji or Canon demand controller.


  • Remotelly controls zoom, focus and iris of Servo Lenses on Sony camorders.
  • Accepts both Fujinon and Canon Zoom / Focus demand controllers
  • Built-in zoom rocker drives servo zoom lenses w/o Fujinon, or Canon demand controller
  • Connects to the camera via 8-pin remote port and included 3 feet (1 meter) CCA cable. (700 protocol)
  • Controls servo zoom lenses shipped with the following models: PMW-320K, PMW-350K, PMW-EX3, and PMW-300K1.
  • Controls the SCL-Z18X140 FZ-Mount zoom lens. Currently compatible with the PMW-F3.
  • Built-in 8-pin remote input provides pass through for RMB-150/ RMB-170 paint box.
  • Zoom & Focus LED indication (8 SEG)
  • Includes harware to mount on Pan-Bar.