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If you need to drive efficiency throughout your entire business. If you need to reduce your footprint and lower overall distribution costs, you need to explore Sony’s Media Solutions. Here are better ways to create content, move it, manage it and automate your entire workflow. We made these solutions smarter with metadata. Made them faster with streaming. Made them more accessible with cloud storage, cloud browsing and cloud sharing. So talk to your Sony representatives. And tell us what you need.

"I need to move news to air, faster."

– XDCAM air cloud-based news contribution system

“I need to make networked production more productive.”

– Media Backbone Hive networked news and sports production system

“I need to break through in live sports.”

– The Hawk-Eye innovative reliable sports officiating solutions

“I know what assets I want. I just need to find them.”

– Media Backbone NavigatorX content management and workflow automation

“I need a cloud service that’s actually made for media workflows.”

– Ci Media Cloud Platform collaboration and processing solution

“We need to build future-proofed digital distribution and
OTT solutions for an ever-evolving consumer base.”

– Ven.ue – Your content. Your audience. Your way.

“We need to stop duplicating efforts at every station.”

– Managed Media & Distribution cloud-based solutions and services

“We need to stop periodically migrating our archives.”

– Optical Disc Archive Gen 2 durable, versatile storage

“We need to digitize our analog content without staffing up.”

– Memnon Digital Archive Services monetize legacy assets

“I need to move news to air, faster."

XDCAM® air cloud-based ENG solution

Don’t get left behind. Tell your story as it’s happening with XDCAM air. Sony’s solution harnesses the best of cloud and wireless streaming technologies to reach Internet-first and on-air audiences with equal facility. Now you can manage files in the cloud, control live streaming in the cloud and edit storyboards in the cloud. For broadcasters of all types, that’s great news.

Stream smarter

XDCAM air provides a secure, wireless workflow from shooting to studio. The story begins with Sony’s extraordinary QoS live streaming. By leveraging a single LTE cellular channel, QoS hits the sweet spot: maximizing picture quality while minimizing wireless costs. You can live stream from a long list of Sony’s camcorders with built-in wireless capabilities or outfit other cameras with the CBK-WA100 and WA101 wireless adaptors. On the receiving end, Sony’s PWS-110RX1 enables you to monitor 30 live streams, while outputting two via SDI.

News in your pocket

Sony’s free Android® and iOS® app, XDCAM Pocket turns your phone into a cloud-ready camcorder. It’s perfect for low-profile newsgathering. Stream smartphone or tablet A/V back to base using sophisticated QoS technology for better-looking pictures and fewer dropouts over cellular LTE networks.

Stream low-profile newsgathering from a smartphone or tablet,
using our XDCAM Pocket app.

Life in the Cloud

For remote production of packages, look to the cloud. The system automatically sends proxy files to the cloud – available to anyone, anywhere. Cloud-based storyboard editing, file management, camera remote control and live stream control all have the power to upgrade the way you shoot, produce and edit.

Open for business

You can use XDCAM air as a standalone system – or integrate with existing newsrooms systems. The solution works beautifully with Avid™ iNews™, Avid Interplay™, Glookast™, ENPS™, BitCentral™ and Adobe™ Premiere™ systems in addition to our own Media Backbone Hive networked production system. The XDCAM air solution can even send slugs from the newsroom computer system to the camera for automatic metadata tagging of camera files.

Go social

To win even larger audiences for your work, the system makes it easy to publish stories to Facebook and Twitter. You can quickly trim proxy clips in the cloud, insert a watermark, approve the sequence and then post to social media.

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“I need to make networked production
more productive.”

Media Backbone Hive
production system

Being first to air with the news has never been tougher. Your audience won’t wait patiently until 6 pm to see the day’s big stories on TV: they’ve already seen the post, blog or video on their smartphones. News happens any place, any time – and you need to be prepared to broadcast any place and any time – be it over the air, online or over social media outlets.

Created for today’s fast-paced content landscape, the Media Backbone Hive solution represents a complete production system with applications for planning, ingest, browse, edit, remote edit, playout, distribution and archive. The payoff is faster, more creative production.

Multi-award-winning, ground-breaking
architecture for production

Typical networked production systems require separate silos for Storage, Database and Applications. The Hive solution is different. Sony’s award-winning Hyperconverged Node architecture enables multiple elements to reside on a single commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) server. The benefits are powerful:

  • Lower initial costs, using commercial, off-the-shelf hardware
    and/or cloud storage
  • Lower ongoing costs
  • Redundant nodes enable failover; system upgrades can be performed in the
    background, without pulling the system offline
  • Easy scalability: just add nodes and the system increases storage,
    bandwidth and processors while automatically load balancing

Web access to files

Hive represents an HTML 5-based platform for “omnimedia” files. More than just audio/video, Hive manages JPEGs, documents, EDLs and more. You get easy, powerful search with customizable metadata. You see proxy previews. Leverage metadata. And import, export, download or exchange with nonlinear editors.

Web quick edit

A powerful, web-based, HTML 5 editor provides cuts, trim and basic transitions. When you’re done, send your story to background hi-res render or send it directly to distribution on the web.

Craft editing

The system includes a powerful craft editor that accommodates any mix of SD, HD or 4K, at 4:3 or 16:9. You get advanced audio and video effects, powerful color correction and speed controls. Robust templates greatly simplify the learning curve. Media Backbone Hive also supports an Adobe Premiere plug-in – embedding the Hive Content Manager directly in the Premiere GUI. This provides access to all the content available in Hive and supports an edit-while-ingest workflow, for even faster speed-to-air.

Playout & Distribution

Hive plays out using affordable COTS servers or third-party play-to-air servers. The system integrates with newsroom computer and automation systems. Our omnimedia platform excels at “Internet-First” workflows to support everything from play-to-air to social media sites and webpages.


When it comes time to save your content, Hive integrates with Sony’s own Optical Disc Archive plus third-party archival systems. You get powerful, seamless search of both online and archived content. Using proxies, you can instantly preview and start making edit decisions while the system automatically retrieves high-resolution material in the background.

ODS-L30M & ODC-330R

“I need to break through in live sports.”

Hawk-Eye live production solutions

Hawk-Eye Innovations now touch over 11,000 games a year in more than 500 stadiums. And now we can help you with iconic ball-tracking technology, broadcast enhancement, social media and fan engagement.


Hawk-Eye provides the most trusted officiating solutions in sports. Hawk-Eye’s automated ball tracking and SMART technologies currently support over 20 major sports, helping to improve the integrity of the game and make it more engaging.

Broadcast Enhancement

Hawk-Eye generates huge volumes of data from our ball & player tracking cameras. From this data, we can deliver amazing insights via Virtual Graphics and Second Screen solutions.

Second screen applications.

SMART Replay

Until now, control of live video feeds has been exclusively in the hands of the broadcaster, constraining access. Built on a standard IT platform that makes sharing content simple, Hawk-Eye’s Synchronized Multi-Angle Replay Technology (SMART) is a video replay and distribution technology that puts the control of live content into the hands of those who need it most.


Pulselive helps some of the world’s largest pro sports leagues, broadcasters and sponsors connect with digital audiences. As an official partner of both Twitter and Facebook, Pulselive sits in a unique position to engage with today’s sports fans.

Social polling result via Twitter.

SMART Production

Sports fans are demanding more live sports content across TV and digital channels. Hawk-Eye responds by using automation to intelligently streamline the live production workflow and significantly reduce the cost of live sports production – all without sacrificing quality.

“I know what assets I want. I just need to find them.”

Media Backbone NavigatorX workflow and media asset management

Your content is valuable. Maximizing its potential is priceless. That’s why Sony created Media Backbone NavigatorX. This Media Asset Management (MAM) solution sets elevated standards in simplicity, scalability and platform independence. Sony orchestrates all phases of your workflow – from ingest, catalog and editing to review, approvals, distribution and archive. The solution scales effortlessly from single-seat users to mid-sized production environments. Best of all, NavigatorX offers top-flight performance at a fraction of the cost of other, less-capable MAM systems.

Embassy Row enhances "Watch What Happens Live" with NavigatorX >

Simple. Affordable. Expandable.

Too many MAM systems require extensive training and steep learning curves. Not NavigatorX. Use standard web browsers without the need to install special software or plugins. Save money with affordable pricing, even for single users. Be free to select your server platform based on your specific bandwidth requirements. And when you need it, Sony provides an easy upgrade path for user and device licenses.

Any platform. Any file. Any format.

Instead of locking you into a single operating system, NavigatorX is an HTML-5 web application, truly platform- and OS-independent. We support almost any file format: video, audio, graphics or documents. Within a single GUI, you can view video, display subtitles, read PDF files or scripts and check still images. So finding the correct asset is that much easier.

Edit and archive

Media Backbone NavigatorX works seamlessly with the major nonlinear editors. Your craft editors can work “in-place” and there is no need to move the files around the system. To further simplify your life and save money, you can also store directly to Sony’s Optical Disc Archive drives, Ci media cloud platform, and library systems without HSM middleware.

Fast, intuitive Search

At Sony, we believe that asset searches should be just as easy as web searches. Simply type into the Search box – no expertise in Boolean logic required! You’ll see any file with metadata, even non A/V assets such as subtitles, spreadsheets or scripts. The Advanced Search Tool makes it easy to refine your search with additional criteria. And if you do happen to need Boolean Search, it’s included.

If you can type in a Search box, you can use Media Backbone NavigatorX.

Advanced workflow management

You don’t need to be a software engineer to build powerful workflows. Just drag and drop. Build a workflow, test it and deploy it in a matter of hours – not days or weeks. Then oversee your operations with workflow monitoring and management by exception. (Features subject to change.)

Workflow Editor: Just drag and drop to build a custom workflow.
(GUI subject to change)

“I need a cloud service that’s actually
made for media workflows.”

Ci Media Cloud Platform

Don’t let geographical constraints limit your workflow. Sony’s Ci media cloud platform excels at seamlessly bringing together content, teams, facilities and systems. The Ci platform has the potential to revolutionize your operations by automating your workflow, reducing the need for on-premise equipment, improving your productivity and replacing cumbersome capital expenses with an operating expense model.

Ready to scale

Ci clients include everyone from individual shooters to some of the biggest names in broadcasting and motion picture production. Ci is built natively in the cloud, so we can scale to meet your needs, no matter how big they may be. We’re already managing petabytes of customer content, storing millions of files and ingesting up to 50,000 hours of professional-grade video per month.

Cloud-based workflow automation

The Ci platform helps eliminate the boring, routine production operations, enabling your staff to concentrate on the creative tasks that they do best. On top of basic functions like file storage, preview and sharing, our platform automatically handles transcoding, proxy generation and metadata extraction. Integrate with the Ci platform’s REST APIs to go a step further to automate caption extraction, dailies viewing, quality assurance, archiving and file distribution.

Seamless collaboration

It’s easy to acquire content from devices and systems anywhere using the Ci platform. Once files are uploaded to Ci, web-based collaboration is at your fingertips. Your colleagues can enjoy immediate access to content. For video and image files, launch into a Ci WorkSession and make on-frame markups. Then export the notes as XML or PDF for use in final editing.

Powerful distribution

High speed, encrypted file transfer can get your content in and out of the Ci platform quickly and securely. Aggregating your content to the Ci platform makes for easy, reliable distribution to affiliate stations, syndication customers and any other endpoints. And because Ci enables you to automate these deliveries, nobody needs to babysit file transfers.

High level features

Central Acquisition from Camera,
Web or System
Upload, Review & Share From
High Speed Transfer
Cloud Storage & Archive
Media Processing
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“We need to build future-proofed
digital distribution and OTT solutions
for an ever evolving consumer base.”

Ven.ue – Your content. Your audience. Your way.

Global brands rely on Ven.ue as a managed-service platform, a single solution to meet expanding needs for avails management, content prep & ingest, distribution, broadcast playout and OTT solutions that include fully integrated commerce. Ven.ue significantly reduces your costs and time to market. We overcome the complexity of managing a myriad of companies and systems by providing an end-to-end solution.

Recently announced, Ven.ue Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind all-in streaming service, providing access to all content, in any required format and DRM. Running fully on AWS, Ven.ue Unlimited can provide broadcasters, aggregators and distributors the means to immediately capitalize on over one million hours of premium licensable content spanning hundreds of content owners and more than 20 languages through a secure, centralized cloud repository. Ven.ue Unlimited provides companies with access to all the assets platforms require: video, audio, artwork, captions, subs and metadata.

We offer the Ven.ue Unlimited service for a monthly flat rate combined with significantly discounted CDN pricing that requires no minimum commitments.

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“We need to stop duplicating efforts at every station.”

Managed Media Distribution Center

If you have individual stations, each airing the same content from individual satellite downloads, individual transcoding and individual quality control, you know it’s time for a change. That change has arrived with Sony’s latest cloud enabled solution, our Managed Media Distribution Center. Centralized, cloud-based operations can slash your satellite distribution costs, dramatically improve your productivity and enable your staff to focus on the creative tasks they enjoy, rather than rote, repetitive chores. Available as a service, the system can eliminate redundant tasks and deliver financial benefits, replacing capital expense with operating expense.

Out of many, one

Sony replaces multiple, redundant tasks with streamlined, centralized operations. So there’s just one download from the satellite. One transcode. One QC. The savings are impressive – and immediate.

Best-of-breed technologies

No vendor, not even Sony, can be the best at everything. That’s why the system combines Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform with such world-class components as the Crispin™ Loading Dock™ and Aspera™ accelerated file transfer, in addition to third-party transcoders and playout servers. It’s the system you’d have designed yourself, if only you had the engineering bandwidth to do it.

The system leverages Crispin™ Loading Dock™ technology
and other leading components.


Incredibly scalable, your Managed Media Distribution Center can grow as quickly as your business. Amazingly versatile, it can also upgrade functionality as new technologies become available.

“We need to stop periodically migrating our archives.”

Optical Disc Archive Gen 2

If you’re tired of migrating all your assets every few years onto new generations of data tapes. If you’re irritated by slow access. If you’re reluctant to pay for special air conditioning, get fast relief with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive Generation 2. We have a roadmap of migration-free backward compatibility, the fast access of optical media, the assurance of write-once cartridges that can’t be overwritten, and the peace of mind of up to 100 years of archival life* –without expensive storage environments. We also have media-savvy storage software and compatibility with a portfolio of third-party applications and systems. So drive into the future with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive.


By design, data tape drives don’t give you backward compatibility to Generation 1. So you’re forced to migrate your archived assets every five to seven years. It’s messy. It’s slow. It’s expensive. And it’s no longer necessary. Sony designed Optical Disc Archive to maintain compatibility from generation to generation, so you can archive your assets once – and for all.


A single, handheld cartridge can hold up to 3.3 Terabytes* of data. Depending on your shooting format, that can be up to 100 hours of content (at 50 Mbps).

* 1 TB is one trillion bytes, a portion of
which is used for data management.


The system won’t break the bank. Desktop drives are priced in the range of high-end computer peripherals. Cartridges store your data at about four cents per Gigabyte with no requirement for cushy storage environments involving special temperature and humidity controls.


Get what you want, when you want it. Disc-based media provides fast random access. The system is so fast that many customers use it for both nearline storage and deep archive – helping to reduce the burden of expensive Tier 1 storage. Average read speed is 250 megabytes per second (MB/s).


Unlike generic data storage, this system has utilities for archiving and restoring audio/visual content. Desktop drives include Filer software with a simple drag & drop interface to archive or restore any digital asset. Filer optimizes the archive process and works on Windows®, Mac® or Linux® platforms. Sony’s File Manager software can be used for cost effective Optical Disc Archive library control or you can interface with many popular archive management and HSM systems.

The Filer app makes storage as easy as drag and drop.


While hard drives may be good for five years, and tape for 30 years under ideal conditions, estimated archival life of Generation 2 optical cartridges is up to 100 years (according to Sony’s accelerated lifetime testing). That will preserve your assets for your children, grandchildren... and great-grandchildren.


Start with a single desktop drive and a shelf of cartridges. And if your needs grow, so can your system. Sony’s PetaSite® robotic libraries hold from 30 to 535 cartridges.

Sony’s Optical Disc Archive system
readily scales to meet your needs.

“We need to digitize our analog content
without staffing up.”

Memnon digital archive services

It’s never been easier to preserve your analog content. Increase the accessibility of your archive. Tap potential revenue streams. And comply with regulations. Memnon digital archive services make it possible. And we can work your way: outsourced,
on-site or hybrid.

If you’ve got the media, we’ve got the expertise

We’ve already digitized over 2 million hours of audio, video and film. We don’t simply transfer your assets; we also handle metadata, cataloguing and restoration. Our workflow is unique, and our expertise unrivaled.

Why digitize?

Whether you’re driven by business strategy or regulatory compliance, the logic behind digitizing is compelling.

  • Preserve content. We’re committed to safeguarding and preserving precious audio-visual material for future generations.
  • Generate revenues.Take advantage of the seemingly insatiable demand for content. Owners are rediscovering archival content as a high quality, low-cost platform.
  • Increase access. Increase the utility of your archive. Leverage file based workflows and Big Data with better metadata and cataloguing.
  • Reduce costs. The analog status quo is expensive, with no long-term return. Digitizing can reap significant savings in real estate, energy and other costs.
  • Comply with regulations. In more and more countries, the law requires you to preserve audio-visual heritage. Digitizing helps meet the need.
  • Manage expense. The cost of inaction can be huge. Postponing would likely increase your costs for spare parts, equipment and labor