Good news
Sony helps newsgathering teams work better, faster and smarter. Our new PXW-Z450 combines 4K resolution with classic shoulder-mount design, 2/3-inch sensor and B4 lens mount. Our camcorders help you stream content to get on-air more efficiently. And our PWS-100RX1 streaming receiver enables you to sit in the studio and browse content on a remote news camera, pull desired clips by FTP and even control the camera remotely.
Elevating the art of production
Sony has innovations for all levels of shooting. With the HXR-NX5R, we’ve transformed a classic, adding Wi-Fi® file transfer, OLED viewfinder and MI Shoe. We enhanced our F5 and F55 with the X-OCN and RAW capabilities of the AXS-R7 recorder. Our G Master™ lenses combine beautiful bokeh with spectacular resolution – even with the iris wide open. And when the time comes to store your precious productions, keep your data safe and accessible with Sony’s Gen2 Optical Disc Archive.
Enhancing affordable live production
If your ambitions are bigger than your budget, Sony has the answers. We’re expanding our cost-effective offerings with the new HXC-FB75 and HXC-P70 studio cameras. Our new BRC-X1000 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera delivers smooth, quick response and Clear Image Zoom. And the new MCX-500 ultra-compact switcher empowers a single operator to achieve broadcast-quality live production.
Ahead of the pack in sports
The perfect complement to Sony’s amazing 4K Ultra-Mo cameras is the equally remarkable PWS-4500 instant replay server. Thanks to Share Play, it enables a single operator to access and control up to 12 servers, with no need for time-consuming file transfers. Our XVS Series switchers are 4K-ready, IP-ready and more than ready for your most demanding productions.
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