Common Features of HVR-Z7U/HVR-S270U
Interchageable Lens System
Interchangeable Lens System Offers Unlimited Possibilities

Various video lenses can be attached to the HVR-S270U and HVR-Z7U, which are both equipped with a universal standard 1/3-inch bayonet mount mechanism for quick changing of lenses.

Wide Range of Lenses

The flexible bayonet lens attachment system allows you to use a wide range of lenses.
Standard 1/3-inch HD video lenses, from manufacturers such as Fujinon and Canon, can be attached directly to the HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270U.
If you’d like to attach a 2/3-inch or 1/2-inch HD video lens on the HVR-Z7U or HVR-S270U, it is possible to do so by adding a standard lens adaptor from the lens manufacturer.
The HVR-S270U and HVR-Z7U camcorders have 12-pin lens connectors allowing compatibility with professional ENG lenses.
This feature is very useful not only for those who already have these professional HD video lenses, but also for those who prefer to use HD digital cinema lenses for their unique contrast, color, and atmosphere.

Lens adaptor
Cinema lens on HVR-S270U with an adaptor

αLens Compatibility

With a special adaptor from Sony, it is also possible to use the αlens series designed for Sony Digital SLR still cameras.
By using αlenses in various configurations, creative effects can be achieved.
This approach is ideal for filmmakers on a budget or those who already own αlenses.

The focal length is doubled with a 2/3-inch lens adaptor
The focal length is increased 1.3 times with a 1/2-inch lens adaptor
The focal length is increased 7 times with an αlens adaptor
Some lenses may not be compatible and not all lens functions may be available


Carl Zeiss Lens for HD Video as Standard
A high-quality, multi-purpose Carl Zeiss lens for HD video comes as standard with the HVR-S270U and HVR-Z7U. Stunning resolution and contrast is achieved thanks to the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar™ T* coating, which suppresses unwanted reflections. A specially designed wide-angle lens is also available as an option, to suit a diverse range of shooting requirements.

*4 These values are calculated to be equivalent to 35 mm film.


Easy-to-use Interchangeable Lens for Fixed-lens Camcorder Users

These lenses give Sony’s two new HDV camcorders the same
functionality as popular fixed-lens camcorders like the HVR-Z1U and HVR-V1U, thanks to built-in features such as auto-focus, optical stabilizer, and automatic back-focus adjustment.
Current users of the above camcorders will easily become adept at using the HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270U, even if they have never used interchangeable lenses.

Natural-touch Lens Operation


The newly designed focus ring offers two types of manual focus, plus an auto focus mode that can be easily switched by sliding
the focus ring forward or backward.
When the focus ring is in the front position, the lens works in the same way as the HVR-Z1U, HVR-V1U, and DSR-PD170. In this case, either manual or auto focus mode can be selected by the assignable button on the lens. On the other hand, when the focus ring is set to the rear position, the focus ring has a physical stop at infinity and works in the same way as a professional interchangeable lens, with fixed-focus-position and distance indicators.


Fast, intuitive manual-zoom response is provided by an internal gearwheel mechanism that provides accurate zoom positioning. A high-quality servo-motor provides the smooth zooming performance that industry professionals have come to rely on.


The iris ring encircles the lens barrel.
Manual iris adjustment is possible with an ENG-type ring system that allows fine exposure control for challenging lighting situations.