Digital HD Video Camera Recorder HVR-Z7U/HVR-S270U Digital HD Videocassette Recorder HVR-M35U
Interchangeable Lens System, Native Progressive Recording, and Solid-state Memory Recording – Sony’s Commitment to the HDV World Brings a Remarkable Evolution in Next-generation Products.

Sony is proud to introduce two new HDV™ camcorders that deliver the enhanced functionality professionals have been waiting for: an interchangeable lens system, native progressive recording, and solid-state memory recording.
Introducing the HVR-Z7U, the world’s first HDV handheld camcorder that uses 1/3-inch bayonet joint interchangeable lenses, and the HVR-S270U shoulder-mount camcorder,which supports standard-size cassettes for extended recording times. A streamlined nonlinear editing workflow can be achieved using the supplied Memory Recording Unit,which provides HDV/DVCAM/DV file recording on a widely available CompactFlash® solid-state memory card. These groundbreaking new camcorders feature 1080/24p/30p HDV native progressive recording modes*1 and they also have HDMI or HD/SD-SDI output.
This next-generation system features the HVR-M35U Video Cassette Recorder,which has HD/SD-SDI output.
These new solutions enhance the operational versatility of the Sony's professional HDV lineup, and open up a world of possibilities for high-definition digital video production. Whether it’s for documentaries, mainstream news, low-budget movies, music videos, Internet, education, or a wide range of industrial applications, Sony’s new HDV camcorders are ideal.

*1 In this web site,“24p”means “23.98p” video signal and “30p”means “29.97p” video signal.

HDV HDV1080i3ClearVid CMOS sensor Exmor™PROGRESSIVE


(with supplied lens)(with ENG lens*)(with Cinema lens*)


(with supplied lens)(with ENG lens*)(with Cinema lens*)

*These lenses, adaptors and matte box sets are not supplied.



Memory Recording Unit*

(supplied with the HVR-Z7U/S270U)

*CF card is not supplied.