The HVR-M35U is compatible with HDV native progressive recording modes and supports HD/SD-SDI output with embedded audio and TC data.

2.7-inch Wide Clear Photo LCD plus Screen and Monaural Speaker

A built-in 2.7-inch type wide Clear Photo LCD plus™ screen and built-in monaural speaker allow quick and convenient checking of video and audio.

Other Functions of the HVR-M35U

The HVR-M35U covers most functions of its lower-end model, the HVR-M25U.

Down-conversion Playback Capabilities

The HVR-M35U can convert material from HD down to SD, and output the SD video signal through its i.LINK, SD-SDI, analog component, S-video, and composite connectors.
This allows users to edit recorded material with a compatible nonlinear editing system using current DV editing software, as well as record SD signals to an external VTR.
When down-converting these signals, the aspect ratio displayed can be converted from 16:9 to 4:3. Display modes can be selected from Squeeze, Letterbox*16, and Edge Crop*16.

*16 Letterbox output is not available from the i.LINK connector. For the
HDV recording with four channels audio data, the audio data in the
down-converted DV signal is selectable from either 1/2ch or 3/4ch.

Edge Crop Adjust

When down-converting signals in Edge Crop mode, you can use the Edge Crop Adjust function to adjust the edge crop position. By displaying the edge crop marker on the LCD monitor, operators can conveniently check the edge crop position before outputting down-converted signals.


The DUPLICATE PLUS function makes it easy to copy video and audio from a VTR or camcorder onto the HVR-M35U – along with the original time code. Operators simply connect the two i.LINK devices together via their i.LINK interfaces and press the DUPLICATE PLUS and PLAY buttons on the front panel of the HVR-M35U. Copying will then begin.

HD/SD-SDI Output

The HD/SD-SDI output of HVR-M35U allows straight duplication to a deck with HD/SD-SDI input.

Multi-format Playback/Recording Capability

The HVR-M35U supports HDV native progressive recording modes and has a 60i/50i switchable function, so it can playback/record:
•HDV1080i: 60i/50i/24p/30p/25p
•DVCAM/DV: 60i/50i

Standard and Mini Size Cassette Tape Compatibility

Both standard- and mini-size cassette tapes are supported. It accepts standard cassettes shot on the HVR-S270U or other shoulder-mount DVCAM camcorders.

Four Channel Audio Data Playback

The HVR-M35U can play back the four-channel audio data in HDV1080i format recorded by the HVR-S270U. It can also play back the four-channel audio data in DVCAM format. The four-channel audio data is embedded in the i.LINK and HD/SD-SDI output, or is output through the AES/EBU audio connectors.