The HVR-S270U offers videographers a traditional “on-the-shoulder” feel with the benefits of increased camera stability and longer recording time of up to 4.5 hours with standard size cassettes.

"Dual Finder" New LCD Position on EVF Unit

The new LCD position on the EVF (Electric View Finder) unit is currently only available on Sony’s professional HDV shoulder-mount camcorders.
The HVR-S270U camcorder features a new configuration of a 3.2-inch type XtraFine LCD monitor (approximately 921,000 dots) and an XtraFine EVF (approximately 1,227,000 dots, 852x3[RGB]x480)*. The LCD is located on the EVF unit. This unique layout enables the camera operator to perform both traditional EVF monitoring and LCD monitoring, while the camcorder is held on the shoulder. The 180-degree tilt mechanism allows for LCD monitoring when the camcorder is held in a high or low-angle position, and the 270-degree swivel mechanism will allow LCD monitoring from the front, right, or even left of the camcorder so that a reporter or a director can monitor what is being captured by the camcorder.

*When the camcorder is panned quickly or when an object in the
screen moves quickly, the primary colors of R/G/B may be seen on the
object in the EVF momentarily.

BP Series Battery Compatible

V-lock professional BP batteries are another great feature in common with broadcast camcorders.

Smooth Slow Rec

As with the HVR-Z7U, the HVR-S270U camcorder enables slow-motion playback by capturing images four times faster than the normal field rate (240 fields/s).


Standard-size Cassette Compatibility

A standard-size cassette tape provides approximately 4.5 hours of HDV/DV recording or approximately 3 hours of DVCAM recording. Of course, recording on a miniDV tape is still an option.

HD/SD-SDI & Other Output Connectors

An HD/SD-SDI output connector provides embedded audio and TC data and can, for example, be linked up to an XDCAM HD deck.
BNC connectors provide secure cabling connections.

Four-channel Audio Input

Four-channel audio recording is realized in HDV and DVCAM thanks to four XLR audio input connectors – two at the front, and two at the back.