Memory Recording Unit
Memory Recording Unit
Integration Without Cabling

The Memory Recording Unit can be integrated to the HVR-Z7U or HVR-S270U without the need for cabling, simply by attaching it onto the special shoe connector*11.
This smart combination never interferes with shooting operations. The Memory Recording Unit automatically synchronizes with the recording action of the camcorder – i.e., when the camcorder starts or stops recording, so does the unit.

*11 The intelligent shoe connector inputs and outputs an HDV/DV stream and supplies power to the Memory Recording Unit. The i.LINK connector is not available when the unit is attached on the camcorder.

attached on the HVR-Z7U
attached on the HVR-S270U

Independent Use With the Supplied Cradle

The Memory Recording Unit can be used as an external recording unit, just like the HVR-DR60, by attaching the supplied cradle that has an i.LINK connector, battery attachment, and DC power input. When the Memory Recording Unit is connected to a PC via i.LINK, it is recognized as an external drive and can be used to access files. When connected to a video device (such as a VTR or NLE system) via i.LINK, it can be used to input/output a HDV/DVCAM/DV stream.

HDV in IT Workflow by CompactFlash
Memory Recording Unit

The Memory Recording Unit is supplied with each camcorder to support HDV tape recording.
It captures the HDV1080i, DVCAM, or DV stream output from the camcorder and records it as movie file while you are simultaneously recording to tape.
You can use a standard CompactFlash (CF) card*, which offers secure recording, high-speed access, large data capacity, removable media convenience, and high durability against external vibration.

*Not supplied.

The CF card is used for HDV camcorders because the media is easily obtainable for file recording in the same way as miniDV tape is easily obtainable for HDV recording. This general versatility is very important for those who frequently need to obtain media quickly, such as someone shooting a documentary or news reports while moving from city to city.

HDV/DVCAM/DV File Recording on Easily
Obtained CompactFlash Card
The recording time on a 16-GB CF card*9 in HDV, DVCAM and DV format*10 is approximately 72 minutes.


*9 At least 133x speed and 2-GB capacity is required. The NCFD8GP and NCFD16GP Sony CF cards are recommended.

The SONY CF card is recommended for use in the Memory Recording Unit. With other commonly-used CF cards, there may be rare occasions when data will not be recorded correctly depending on the products. If you use a CF card other than those recommended, it is advisable to test it in advance in the following way.
1. Format the CF card in the Memory Recording Unit.
2. Shoot more than 20 pieces of footage of about 10 seconds each in HDV recording mode.
3. Import the files into your nonlinear editing software to check if it can be edited properly.

*10 The recording time may change according to the CF card type and recording format.