Memory Recording Unit
Hybrid Recording Workflow
Hybrid Operation Realizes Archiving, IT Workflow, and HD/SD Parallel Recording
The Memory Recording Unit provides a hybrid operation, where images are recorded to tape and a CF card simultaneously,
in a similar fashion to the HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit*12.

*12 HVR-DR60 does not accept a native progressive HDV stream.

This means you can immediately access a movie file for streamlined NLE work, while keeping the master source tape in a safe place.

The file format is M2T for HDV mode and AVI or RawDV for DVCAM/DV modes.

In the same fashion as HVR-DR60 operation, these files can be edited using popular NLE software.*13

*13 The Memory Recording Unit and HVR-DR60 adopt the FAT32 file system. Continuous recording is divided into 4-GB files (approximately 20 minutes of recording time). A utility software, available from the Sony website, can merge these divided files for seamless editing on NLEs. Some NLEs include this function. For details of NLE operation, please consult your nearest NLE software dealer.

In addition, when the built-in down-converter of the connected HDV camcorder is active, SD images can be recorded on a CF card while HD images are recorded to tape.
HD master tape is recorded and SD movie files are created at the same time.

HDV or DVCAM tape-based users can gradually move to IT workflow with this hybrid-operation.
Tape-less recording is also available if desired.


File Transfer

Playback from the Memory Recording Unit

Note: Interruptions in video may appear between recordings during playback thorough the connected HDV/DVCAM/DV device.