Memory Recording Unit
The overview of the HDV file operation

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Sony Recording Unit Utility

This software allows you to transfer the movie files on your HVR-DR60 or CF card to your Windows-based PC with ease. It can connect M2T files, that were divided by FAT32, back together*, and it will rename HVR-DR60 files to the same style as those from a CF card during transfer.

*The destination folder needs to be formatted in the NTFS file system.

How to uninstall this software

Delete the "rt_util.exe" file.

How to use this software

How to use this software
1.  Double click on the “ru_util” icon.
2.  Select the connected HVR-DR60 or CF card drive.
3.  Select the file types (HDV and/or DV) that you’d like to transfer.
4.  Select the folders that contain the files you want to transfer.
5.  Specify the destination folder.
6.  Set the prefix number of the file name. This number is useful when importing files from several HVR-DR60 units.
7.  Press the “Import” button to begin the file transfer. Any files divided by the FAT32 specification will be merged automatically during transfer.
How to use this software

Software Information

OS Windows® XP SP2 or later ,Windows® Vista
Language English
Software file size About 330KB
Version 1.1


  • Some NLEs, such as Sony Vegas 7 (version 7.0c and later) and GrassValley EDIUS Pro4.5, have an import module that lets you import files directly from the HVR-DR60 to your PC’s hard drive. During the import process, these software will merge all divided .M2T files into a single, seamless .M2T file.
  • If the destination folder is not on an NTFS-formatted hard drive, the merged file can not be output.
  • This software can only merge files that are divided by FAT32 specification.
  • If the destination hard drive is full, file merging will stop. Please check the remaining capacity of your PC's hard drive before using this software.

How to install this software

1.  This software is distributed in a self-extracting cabinet. You don't need any external programs in order to install it.
2.  Download the software from the following link and save it to a convenient folder on your PC. Open the folder and double click on the downloaded file.
3.  A new folder will be created containing an “rt_util.exe” icon.

Download “Sony Recording Unit Utility”

Final Cut Pro® (Macintosh® )

1. Install the plug-in software

  • After downloading the installer file, double-click it. The installer will be mounted on your Mac. Then launch it and follow the instructions showed on the screen.
  • For detailed operating instructions of of Final Cut Pro and its Log and Transfer window, please ask your local Apple reseller or refer to the “Using the Log and Transfer Window” section of the HD and Broadcast Formats document. This document is available under Final Cut Pro's Help menu.
  • M2T and DVCAM/DV files stored on the HVR-DR60 and the CF card of the Memory Recording Unit can be imported correctly to your Final Cut Pro 6 project by installing the Sony Recording Unit Plug-in software.
  • This software allows the video and audio stored on these devices to be transferred into Final Cut Pro using the Log and Transfer feature.
  • Please ensure that your version of Final Cut Pro is upgraded to 6.0.2 or higher before installing this plug-in software.

Download the plug-in for Final Cut Pro

2. Use the Log and Transfer window

  • For detailed operating instructions of Final Cut Pro and its Log and Transfer window, please read the Final Cut Pro user manual or ask your local Apple reseller.

Log and Transfer window

  • Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Scratch Disk tab.
  • Select a scratch disk or folder to which you want to transfer your media
  • Choose File > Log and Transfer.
  • The contents and thumbnails of the mounted device will appear automatically in the Log and Transfer window. If the file structure of the device has been copied into a different location, you can use the “Add Folder” button on the upper left corner. More information on using the Add Folder button can be found in the Final Cut Pro documentation.
  • Please select the files that you want to transfer, then press the "Add Selection to Queue" button or drag and drop them onto the Transfer Queue area.
    Note: the preview area is not available for the M2T file transfer.
  • The transfer will start and the files will appear in the bin window of the editing project.  The transferred files maintain their original quality and their original time code data in the QuickTime® format.  The FAT32 divided files are merged during transfer.
  • For files recorded in 24A mode on the HVR-S270/Z7/V1 (60i models), the Log and Transfer window automatically removes the 2-3 cadences and thranscodes the HDV data to the Apple ProRes 422 codec during transfer in order to edit the footage in the 23.98p timeline. This takes longer than the normal transfer of 60i recordings.
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